Sum60 Design Services

We specialize in Website Design and create amazing online experiences that help businesses grow. Our websites are designed custom, responsive, made for scalability and are catered to any business needs.

We build all our most of our sites through WordPress, the world’s most popular website content management platform. It allows us to build our sites for scale and provides a user friendly system for our clients to make basic updates. But we don’t just create awesome websites, we provide the tools and strategies for our clients to help them build a successful online presence!





Custom Website Design Services- Do You Need It?

A custom design starts from a blank page, meaning we have a world of possibilities. Every decision is made specifically to suit your business’ needs, from colors, fonts, layouts, to well everything. Every single component is entirely customized for you. With a custom design, your website will be a true one-of-a-kind web destination. It’s all about getting the right message across and keeping the site structure lean and efficient without unnecessary page items or functions that you don’t need.

Do you hand code the site?

Sometimes, but these days platforms are readily available such as WordPress, Joomla, and even Magento that can provide a much more streamlined process that doing every single aspect by hand.

Say we decide to go with WordPress, can you customize it for me?

The short answer is yes, but this depends. WordPress is a great platform that is universal across the world. About 27% of all websites are built on WordPress. We at Sum60, after reviewing with you your needs, might suggest we leverage WordPress on the backend and onto it with custom functionality or specific code to make it function as we need it to. Fortunately, WordPress, Joomla, Magento and others are just outgrowths of code; HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and others. These are all common code bases that are routinely expended into great web destinations like the one we hope to do for you.

How much do you charge for a website?

This is like saying how much does a car cost? It depends, simple sites, ones in the 3-10 page(s) fashion might be around $500 – &1,000 depending how much time it takes. Others are more, and some a lot more. So when you decide on a new website, you need to help us by being able to scoop out the project as best you/we can at the beginning so that whatever budget you have is met with success.

How long does a website take?

We take on 2–3 new projects a month and generally book work out 3–4 weeks in advance. Once we agree on the scoop, and you provide whatever materials are needed (logos, images, etc.) and we have our kickoff call, your new website will be up and running in about 4–5 weeks in most cases.

What about web hosting, do you do that?

Sum60 does host the website, but we work with many of the top hosting firms in the US. Our personal favorite is Siteground. Why? their based in the United States, have mirror sites worldwide, are cost effective, and provide a history of up-time that is industry leading. When you have a website, you ‘want’ it to be available 7/24, and have the tools to keep it that way.

Siteground has won us over and many of our clients choose them also. That said, you’re more than welcome to bring your own. We will need access to your account on the web host to properly configure the site.

I keep hearing about mobile this and mobile that, do you do these types of sites?

Mobile is the future & the future is now. The internet has evolved from the desktop to the cellphone in a short 10 years with the advent of the Iphone by Apple. Web developers like us have to make sure our work is mobile centric especially as more, and more searching and e commerce is transitioning to this mode of internet access. 

All of our web designs are responsive, mobile centric, and provide a pleasant user experience whether they are accessed on a cellphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop.

All this sounds good, what's next?

Either call or email us to start the process. We also have a Contact form that will quickly get your interest to us immediately.